The following diagram and description of protocol are meant to be interpreted as advisory guidelines and are to be applied using clinical discretion.

An Intelligent Triage Categorization system operates as a component of the EagleForce solution and establishes an early alert clinical symptom baseline.

This baseline is applicable to all, but particularly appropriate in elderly adults, persons with co-morbidities, and groups of people in close contact, such as school children, military units, and incarcerated persons.

Changes from baseline body temperature levels that suggest progression to clinically-defined fever, plus associated oxygen saturation level changes are utilized to establish simple and effective first alerts to COVID-19 and other flu symptoms.

The system will then trigger additional requirements for laboratory hematological and blood chemistry abnormalities, D-dimer, C-reactive protein, creatine kinase, creatine and radiographic findings where necessary. Patients will be treated for identified respiratory conditions such as seasonal flu or exacerbations of co-occurring chronic conditions and observed at home for response or directed to the hospital for closer monitoring and early intervention.

Development of life-threatening symptoms such as excessive shortness of breath, require immediate escalation to the clinical setting. Instant allocation of medical supportive care and vital provisions such as mechanical ventilators then enable critical care only to those patients posing a lethal level of risk to this disease. The overall strain on medical personnel, equipment, and medicine would then largely be reduced and allocated only to the most vulnerable.

Goals for MIMI-RxTM Community-Based Forward Triage Strategy

  1. Decrease number of people in contact with each other
  2. Reduce spread of COVID-19 by person-to-person contact
  3. Reduce potential to overwhelm EMS and Emergency Room Capacity
  4. Measure effectiveness of persistent pre-hospital self-monitoring
  5. Maintain healthcare workforce capacity
  6. Protect community members at highest risk for disease
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