Recently recognized as a worldwide pandemic, COVID-19 has brought forth critical repercussions and revealed alarming disparities within the US healthcare infrastructure.

Characterized by flu-like symptoms, the lethality of the disease remains extremely high at 4.2% as reported by the World Health Organization.

Having no determined cure, monitoring and containment of the disease remain the most effective courses of action.

At EagleForce Health, we are leading the way in setting new standards for security, interoperability, unified communications and advanced analytics, including predictive and prescriptive clinical insights and business intelligence. Our global effort to aggregate and integrate remote sensors & wearable technologies (i.e. wireless devices for blood pressure, glucose, activity, vitals, etc.) now allows for persistent real-time informing across members of a care team for early engagement, risk analysis, and provision of critically applicable information in the wake of this pandemic.

Our solution, the Medication and Immunization Management Initiative (MIMI-RxTM), was initially funded and vetted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This application uses artificial intelligence and neural computing algorithms to analyze sensor reported vitals, patient self-reported symptoms and early changes in baseline physiological parameters obtained from FDA-approved, commercially available devices.

MIMI-RxTM enables self-monitoring and testing within any setting, transforming current telehealth standards. The concurrent reduction in the strain of our most critical medical personnel then enacts provision of care to high risk patients, saving lives in the process.

Supported by an Intelligent Forward-Triage Categorization system, enhancement and expedition of testing processes are realized and simultaneously lessen the burden on pharmaceutical and lab facilities. Read our whitepaper above and learn more about our trademark Intelligent Triage Categorization system here.