A recent development in precision medicine with the city of Seat Pleasant, MD commissioned us to analyze current telehealth practices in the care of vulnerable populations. Four main goals were identified and executed in our findings.
  1. Mobilization of the participating population health network to screen and facilitate medical and behavioral management of high-risk individuals
  2. Execute community-level surveillance of disease prevalence to identify high-risk patients, concurrently mitigating individual and community exposure risk
  3. Implementation of precautionary measures within identified high-risk patients
  4. Expansion of care access to address the medical, social, and behavioral needs of vulnerable populations
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Additionally, telehealth capabilities within the required provision of services mandated several standards:
  • Medical Screenings
  • Exposure Identification and Symptom Monitoring
  • Medication Management
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Counseling/Therapy Services
  • Social Isolation Screening & Management