EagleForce Warrior Foundation Celebrates the Success of Its Inaugural Gala to Benefit Military Veterans and Their Families

The EagleForce Warrior Foundation, a not-for-profit support organization for veterans and their families--based in Herndon, Virginia, celebrated its inaugural gala on June 1st at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C. Dr. Paul Tibbits, Veteran Services Awardee, characterized the foundation in four words: courage, confidence, care, and charisma. The sold-out gala, attended by the region’s most prominent leaders, honored our veterans, service members, and their families for their commitment to the prosperity of our nation.

Cheryl Campbell, CEO and founder of the EagleForce Warrior Foundation, described the inspiration behind the evening’s theme “An Affair Under the Stars”: “Our military men and women illuminate our world during times of darkness. They guide us through to a brighter future.” She emphasized the foundation’s commitment to those it serves: “The EagleForce Warrior Foundation will work diligent and daily to ensure that we support our military service members through their recovery…to heal with the love and support of their family.”

The gala’s keynote speaker, retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the EagleForce Warrior Foundation’s commitment to its service members. “Thanks to you,” McCaffrey stated, “for your courage in envisioning this capability and getting it organized." He spoke on the strength and endurance of the military itself, calling it an “institution of courage.” General McCaffrey lauded service members for their sacrifices, adding that, “not all injuries receive a purple heart.”

About EagleForce Warrior Foundation

The EagleForce Warrior Foundation provides air and ground transportation for wounded veterans, service members, and their families as they transition to and from their initial critical care in hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers. The VETJET Air and Ground Transportation provides transportation to family members of wounded veterans and service members in need. The foundation also offers a free prescription drug discount card. In addition, the foundation is developing partnerships to establish education and employment counseling, internships, and apprenticeships for wounded and disabled veterans.

Supporters for the event included: AnyBill, Paypool, CenturyLink, Companion Data Services, Friends of World War II Memorial, Octo, New View Eye Center, ManTech, Avison Young, SBD2, Richmor Aviation, and the Washington Redskins. For more information on the EagleForce Warrior Foundation, please go to our website: www.eagleforcewarrior.org

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Cheryl Campbell, CEO & Founder

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