We offer a number of job training and placement opportunities for our veterans and wounded warriors. Below are some of the fields in which we work to place our veterans and warriors.


Investigate facts, figures, and other data to help research trends, make predictions, and evaluate information.


Work with installation and other building materials in construction of houses, buildings, and more.

Criminal Justice

Uphold your civic duty by focusing on a career in law enforcement or other opportunities within the legal field.

Electronic Engineering

Create, design, and develop hardware devices for everyday use.

Financial Management

Provide financial peace of mind whether in accounting, cash management, risk management, or fund management.

Information Security

Build and maintain sets of electronic processes that serve to protect electronic data from external threats.


Shape transportation, electric systems, roadways, and more in an area that serves as the framework for national growth and development.


Prepare raw materials such as food and textiles, for consumer use.

Mechanical Engineering

Design both small components and devices to larger, more complex functioning systems.

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