Service Member Testimonial

Veterans, because of the very nature of their service, have relocated many times and often over great distances over the course of their lives. This is just one of those "little" sacrifices our men and women make. Just part of the deal they strike with Uncle Sam when they sign on that dotted line and put service above self. Country before family.

Probably something most Americans don’t think about. Especially since less than one percentage of our current population serve. And while this is an inconvenience while young and able, it has lasting negative consequences—many of which become especially evident later in life.

One that comes immediately to mind is the lack of solid social support structures. Each time a service member relocates, they lose any roots they have laid in that location: Church connections. Friends. Community and social organizations. Even family members.

What this often translates to later in life—when health and abilities are failing—is often significant social isolation. Loneliness. Disconnection from meaningful relationships. And far too often, dying before getting a chance to say goodbye to loved ones. Perhaps before having a chance to make amends--and find peace. This last point is an especially poignant example, as just today I have been working with the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran who had not seen or heard from her dad since she was three-years-old. Thankfully, they have recently reconnected and she’s going above and beyond to help her ailing father.

That’s why we at Capital Caring Health are eternally grateful to Eagle Force Warrior Foundation’s extremely generous gift of $30,000 plus the in-kind use of their aircraft. With this support, they have opened the door to possibilities that otherwise would not have been. Now, we have the capability to make those final goodbyes a reality, SO THAT NO VETERAN DIES ALONE. So that no veteran leaves on that “Final Deployment” without a loving and proper sendoff.

So, a big THANK YOU, Eagle Force Warrior Foundation, for standing in the gap to “do right” by these veterans. You saw a need, stepped forward, and raised your hand. And for that, we, our veterans, and our veteran families, are appreciative beyond words.


Service Member Testimonial

Capital Caring Health Staff Member Testimonial

Capital Caring’s partnership with the Eagle Force Warrior Foundation is a model by which creative collaboration between organizations can make a meaningful difference in the lives of families, in this case veterans and their loved ones.

Capital Caring Health provides comprehensive care to seriously ill individuals, often with only months to live. So No One Dies Alone is a Capital Caring program that recognizes the comfort and dignity found in presence of another human being and represents our commitment that no person should ever die without loved ones by their side or the chance to say goodbye.

Eagle Force Warrior Foundation’s generous gift of $30,000 plus the in-kind use of aircraft means we can get family members of veterans in our care, who may live far away, to be at the side of their loved one at the end of life. Helping ensure this final salute to heroes from their family and next of kin is so meaningful — and shows Eagle Force’s commitment to supporting all veterans.

Capital Caring is profoundly grateful to Eagle Force Warrior Foundation for helping bring military families together to help meet our goal: so no veteran dies alone.

Capital Caring Health Staff Member